Hello??? Being in government isn’t a license to impose your privileged ideology.

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No Place For Sheep

Turnbul-l end support for govt schools

Look, you may already be across this but for various reasons I’ve only just caught up. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull  actually proposed that the states take on the entire responsibility for funding public schools, while Turnbull’s own government, proposing nary a cent to the project of educating children who don’t attend private schools, is happy to continue its excessive fiscal support of educational privilege.

Aside: It’s usually against my personal code of not wasting time with click bait to read, let alone link to Mamamia, however I like to think I’m big enough to overlook that code under exceptional circumstances so I did.

I cannot see any sense, decency, respect, care or concern for the country’s future in such a move. It is pure ideology. It comes a mere two weeks or so after the appointment of new Liberal Senator James Paterson, who declared that public school kids lack…

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Bringing them Home- Bringing it Home Religion – Faith Based Groups and the Secular State of the 21st Century

NONE of this was done without the knowledge and at least tacit approval of those representing the Secular State . We do not need to be saved from the Shepherds, for we are not sheep.

Source: Bringing them Home- Bringing it Home Religion – Faith Based Groups and the Secular State of the 21st Century

Evangelical Christianity’s Brand Is Used Up

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Church almost empty“The Evangelical “brand” has gone from being an asset to a liability, and it is helpful to understand the transition in precisely those terms.”

Back before 9/11 indelibly linked Islam with terrorism, back before the top association to “Catholic priest” was “pedophile,” most Americans—even nonreligious Americans—thought of religion as benign. I’m not religious myself, people would say, but what’s the harm if it gives someone else a little comfort or pleasure.

Back then, people associated Christianity with kindness and said things like, “That’s not very Christian of him,” when a person acted stingy or mean; and nobody except Evangelical Christians knew the difference between Evangelicalism and more open, inquiring forms of Christianity.

Those days are over. Islam will be forever tainted by Islamist brutalities, by images of bombings, beheadings, and burkas. The collar and cassock will forever evoke the image of bishops turning their backs while priests rub themselves…

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Why Abbott’s sex life is my business

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No Place For Sheep

Mr & Mrs Abbott Mr & Mrs Abbott

There’s only one circumstance in which I consider the sexual lives of politicians to be my business, and that’s when they legislate about what goes on in other citizens’ sexual lives.

Failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott operates from a platform that is largely based on his personal morality, drawn from Catholic dogma. This morality advocates traditional heterosexual monogamous marriage, and argues fiercely that this is the only circumstance in which children ought to be raised.

Abbott supports the current Marriage Act with the amendment added by John Howard specifically to deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

Same-sex marriage will, in Abbott’s view, destroy what he perceives as the “sanctity” of monogamous heterosexual marriage.

Abbott foisted the notion of a plebiscite on same-sex marriage on his party, a completely unnecessary, extremely expensive and likely barbaric exercise in which citizens vote on whether or not other citizens are…

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There has never been a more exciting time

Townsville Blog.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a pensioner, or so I’m told. Yes it is an hour by hour quest to keep one feed and watered, and maintain a roof over one’s head. Whilst surviving on the pension, in fact I’m almost certain that there exists as much innovation in our section of the community, as much talent on money management as exists in all the State’s and the federal treasuries combined.
Our home budget is micro managed to such an extent that we use the least amount of electricity, water, food and everyday items, the only factor that we cannot control is our health. We have paid our taxes all of our working lives (in our case 30 years plus) unlike corporations who turn over in excess of $100 million, and pay absolutely nothing.
Those who refuse to pay their ‘fair share of taxation’ to…

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A Narcissist, a Psychopath and a Machiavellian Walk into a Bar…

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Fresh Perspectives on Psychometrics & Psychology

dark triad

The bartender asks, ‘who has the darkest personality out of you three?’ The Narcissist says ‘me’, the Psychopath says, ‘I don’t care’ and the Mach says ‘it’s whoever I want it to be’.

All embarrassing jokes aside, the Dark Triad of Personality rather ominously named, is an area of Psychological research which is attracting significant attention. It is however only a young field, in fact it was just over a decade ago that Paulhus and Williams (2002) coined the term ‘Dark Triad’. It’s an area of research that seems to intrigue Organisational, Clinical and Forensic Psychologists alike and of course has important implications for society as a whole. However, is there any real merit, use and/or empirical rigour in the study of these traits? I was inspired to delve a little deeper into the Dark Triad after last month’s blog on office politics, which touched on certain characteristics which fall…

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