For God – For Country – Nightmares of Salvation

For God – For Country – Nightmares of Salvation

Unloved by me for I have seen the lies that you have told

Those lies from days of old, your lies a construct of pagan mysteries

The Scapegoat on the Cross in truth was once a man treated like a God

Then killed to take away the sins of friends to satisfy another name of God

I have seen the coins and carvings from those days when men first killed

Some worthless fool and placed a crown upon his head to kill him in their stead

How many other Pagan Cults did write about the Changing seasons of the Year

Knowing that the day you call the ‘Christmas Day ‘ was always on the 25th , in Winters Time

These are not tales of mine but facts that You , oh Church’ used to reconstruct the facts

The Nicean Cult , it’s called the Creed no more than a logic way to rule the sheep

For sheep were Romans of an Empire at bay, fearing collapse yet planning to stay

So changing from the Legionaries Dress of Leather, Gladius and Men

Becoming Men like neutered things, that started wearing lace and frilly things .

So in the Name of God , all those other Cults arose because the name of God is Good

When it’s invoked to play a game or scheme to bring about another’s dream

Where do the Children play that you have used for fun and grooming for those days

When men like you that always seek out children prey, dress to play those games

The Armies of Salvation that creep across the Global Sphere, is an Army first with Missionary Dreams

What religion did Booth follow before converting to the Christ and forming Armies of the Night

That answer to no one on earth and keep the Mission Statements sweet

They play sweet music to the ears, much like all the Armies I have met

Of course they treat their men like sons and for fun have women run organizations to make the point

That all those other little worthless beings in this epic war do need a big sister speak for them

These are not fancy words of mine, but facts I found among mankind for I had learned the ways of war

I never wanted to hate another man or kill in order to comply and follow some insane design

For Country ,for God ,for Friends of Mine have died because the lies that old men spread

When sick of life and weak in head they start believing their own myths

Meeting their likes can be insane when they invoke each other’s name and pass the blame

No , tis not the believers I condemn , I have met too many Mary Magdalene’s ,

Beloved true and Comforting to all and standing by the side of their man with all their might to see their families through the Night

I have seen them standing all alone when your creed based laws condemned their men

Yet they were women all the same , and mothers, lovers ,friends; no shame .

Yet holy shepherds do condemn the wisdom that the Women bring

Like wolves they ranged upon the peaks and tore apart the Cathar’s Dream

That Day those other Knights condemned by Popish Men and French King

Stood side by side to face another Crusade and died like men not for some God

As Brothers guarding those that offered refuge from the scourge of your wooden cross

And time and time that little wooden man stuck on that cross did offer hope to some tis true

Yet I found little hope among those that could not pay the fees the men is dress did seek

Eternal Forgiveness in the name of a God that send his son to die and yet again to face the Sun

What loving Father , God or man , would send his son to die an do a job that fathers do ?

Would I send a child to face the foes I have faced, no way would that be my play

I love my children far too much to have them fight my wars in some imaginary game

I rather face all that these abominations seek to make for I too hear God at night

A voice that whispers in my name “” that all are Children in this Game

A tired voice that pleads at times, don’t kill using my name I build create and love

Would Christ upon that Cross reflect :-

“Too many used my name in vain and play murderous games upon the field

As far as I am concerned there have been too many murdered in my name

You have free- will, so go ahead and kill but do it in your name not mine

I never met Paul walking in that desert, a tax collecting Man that hunted reformed Jews “

The calculating man that aimed to build an edifice for Rome to prove his loyalty for all

Those days were days when Rome thought of itself as all there was to be, the Centre of the Sea

Those men knew well the stories of Essenes and trading along the Silk Road

For Roman ladies wore the finest silks that China traded with the West yet did not seek to conquer all

It had its Buddha , Tao and the I Ching and Mandates from Heaven for those that sought to rule

And when oppression held sway men wearing yellow turbans swearing oaths would hunt and kill those that sought to oppress.

Would ‘Christ have stated :-

“ No , I want no other crucified in my name for too many have been killed in your childlike games

I don’t give much creed to man- made dogma and ways of control

I am a Father, Brother and Friend and I will stand by those whose faces I have seen

Not because of some eternal nightmare dream, but because I am a man that’s free

And if my techniques to cause you some concern, my voice be rough at times to keep you safe

That’s because Your world has taught me very well , what lies the men in dresses tell

And armies in the field don’t hold much sway with me because I will find another way.

So thank you for your kindness and your care and I will repay in my own way

Once and for all bury that pieces of wood so Mary Magdalene can be free of that accursed creed .

Not in the Name of some Fictitious God that you have made to please your-self .

In my own name and in my time, for I am a Brother to all Mankind , a sort of Universal Man .” AK