The End of Heroic Leaders

The End of Heroic Leaders – Ensuring survival in the 21st Century In a World that is still very much subject to the Doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction and where those leading the Wars are isolated from the first possible casualties , the Civilians in Cities , we have a need for Leaders that think rationally and act prudently , not those who sick to mimic the mock heroics of the past . The power structure of those led and those doing the leading is no longer one where the Leader actually leads from the front , sharing the risks and dangers of those exposed as either non- combatant civilians or soldiers . We have isolated our Leaders in cocoons of safety and have structures in place if such leaders become victims of a decapitation strike and all manner of sophisticated communication systems to handle Command and Control .
In having faced the reality of Global Nuclear War , and being aware of its outcomes we do not need leaders that ape mock heroics or see themselves as manifestations of long dead fairy tales .
We need Leaders that are prudent , intelligent and very much in touch with the people they lead . Not isolated from everyday reality by a coterie of sycophants and servile administrators .
We all live in the shadow of the worst case scenario , but let us not allow that to blind is to those wars being conducted all over the Planet and all those that are killed to achieve one or another political and economic outcome . World War I is said to have started when a minor member of the Austro Hungarian Royal Family was assassinated and the trains started rolling . We have created Staff Colleges and other facilities to train men to practice logistics and strategy and tactics .
Those resources would have been better spend bringing about Social Justice in our own Countries and not seeking to spread one school of thought in preference to another . There have been no positive outcomes in this for most of the Civilian Populations of this Planet . Wars and Schemes are hatched with the same enthusiasm as if this was the 19th Century , but we fail to take into account that the flow of real time information has increased to such a degree that it would be impossible for any one to be fully aware of all the facts . Our hope should be that our Leaders do not act as the Launchers of Missiles , but as the ultimate voice of prudent reason that restrains the sellers of jingoism and national pride . Our Leaders should , with luck , be the safety switch that prevents such launches , because as the information and assessments grow so do the risks of mis-reading the intent of other parties . Given the potency of weapons , it would seem better to resort to having Military Observers from all sides communicating to ensure that mistakes do not happen . The old spy vs spy game may appear attractive to those reading Kipling and seeing some sense of the ‘Great Game ‘ of the 19th Century .
In the 21st Century we do not need Gamers running Countries , we need eloquent and prudent leaders that do not need to lambast each other publicly to score home points , but those that communicate the need for us all to survive